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Food Blogging, What Say You?

Peace be upon you guys. I was lately thinking that I'm kinda interested to change the way I blog into something interesting which I could dragged people's attention to visit my blog over and over again.

What I have in mind was something really popular among bloggers and the audience whom for sure read and visits a lot of food blogging's blog. I have the same interest towards food and photography where I wanted to change the contents of my blog into all sort of goodies foods and recipes.

I think that is a great way to let the audience and to show them what I really want to do, and the main reason I'm blogging. At the same time, I will for sure need to put a good and highly quality blog for my audience as well as other bloggers who enjoyed reading a blog of about foody.

Well of course, a healthy and good recipes of food and highly quality of photos would be the main source of good readers to a blog. I need to make sure that too as I need a continuous readers for my blog.

I may not be as good as other food blogger, but at least I would like to give it a try and as a base for me to step further into the world of blogging. This is a dream and a way to show my appreciation of good foods and at the same time, to show my passions of cooking.