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Be Humble

First of all, "peace be upon you" to you guys. So here I am, again.. No idea what to post and no mood for everything..no, nothing.. Just to voice out what's stumbled in my tiny little heart. I can see that there was injustice going on in "this" community.

I don't know if you guys notice this kind of thing but it is happened for real. Freshman with freshman while varsity with varsity. If you are not doing anything to get yourself noticed, you'll remains as freshman.. but.. they will noticed you if they think you deserves to be one of them.

To me, that's nothing of being a varsity it's just that people will know you better than just being a freshman or can I say, popular? Popularity is really, something that can help you to get to the next level and to get you recognized by others. No doubt about that and yeah at the same time it ain't that important.

Just try to push youself up with your own efforts.. that's better and you owe nothing from nobody. Don't use someone else as an  alternative to step further.. be yourself and starts from the bottom.

*Mode Merapu*


  1. i love to be humble everyday u know ! no, i love show off !!


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