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Should I or Shouldn't I?

Ellow peeps! Aite here's the last entry for ya guys. Since I have nobody and nowhere else to share this feelings, I think here is the right place. No doubt about that! Aite FRIEND! What ya know about FRIEND? You go to school and meet new strangers and then you become friends. I know I know..that's what you think right? Or or.. Strangers you met outside and sitting there have a cuppa with ya, shared stuffs and stories with ya, that's FRIENDS too. Or someone you get to know on net, that's FRIENDS as well.

Well my story started with the same situations you see..but it ain't what I'm trynna say here. A friend to me was someone who would stand by ya side, when there's joy nor dull.. Someone who would wastes their tears for ya and most of all, someone who would appreciates ya.

So my problem now, the friend of mine, was a very good and close friend to me, were started to ditch me and not even a single call nor text messages just to say Hi. We were befriended for more than a decade ya see.. Now that he's moving out from his hometown to be with his future wife, he's completely ignorance. The other day I went out to see the other friend of mine too and I asked him "did he ever call or send you a text message?".. The other friend of mine said, he did and even wishing him for Eid Mubarak. What a surprise ya see.. He didn't even text me to say Hi, I wasn't so surprised actually when I found out he's texting my other friend instead of me.

I am not putting the blame on his future wife into this matter, but he, himself should be blamed but who am I to argue and  who am I to them that they should even care off. A friendship more than a decade just "puffff", getting into an end vanished into tiny air. Can't take this any longer but still putting this into consideration.. I'm not someone who would give up friendship just like that, am not. It's really brought me down to tears when I'm thinking of it but everything needs an end. Neither good or bad, I have to accept the fact.

So my question now, should I defend our friendship? Or should I just let it go? I need a good advise from you guys.