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Earn Points, Redeem Free Gifts With WhoHaa

Assalamualaikum people. Today I'll be teaching you guys how to redeem a free gift for free. I knew that most people are excited about free thingy. So here's your chance to have one, for FREE. Same goes to me. So why don't let me just straight to the points and starts teaching you guys a few simple steps to follow.

Here are the steps before you can start earning points with WhoHaa. You need to follow every single steps like I did below.

- You need to be a registered member
# Visit this link and register - HERE
- Make sure every details are filled in.
- Verify yourself via email and get started.
- View Ads from "Earn Points".
- There are options to earn points
# Answer a question
# Watch a video
# Visit sponsor link.
- After you have done with that, points will be directly credited to your WhoHaa account.

So, isn't it simple? So why wait? Get yourself register and start collecting points from ads. This is not a scam website. So don't worry.

Source: WhoHaa